Gillmeier Rech and La Mambita Salsa Tanzschule, Berlin
September 5 - October 25, 2014

Salsa is a project revolving around the Latin dance and music style of the same name, and a continuation of Sol Calero‘s research exploring the multi-functionality and complexities of Latino social space and aesthetics. Though it is widely thought of as a pan-Latin American phenomenon, ‚Salsa‘ music was first conceived in East Harlem, New York - known to locals as ‚el Barrio‘ - during the 1970s.

Sol Calero‘s Salsa recreates the complex social space of Salsa at the Berlin Salsa dance school La Mambita. Here she redecorates the space, integrating her own “tropical” aesthetizations into the existing elements of the school, and throws a late night “Salsa Party”, further confounding the balance between the viewer and viewee looking back and forth at each other through both Western and Latino rum-clouded lenses of enjoyment.

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