Agencia Viajes Paraíso

Kunstpalais Erlangen, Germany
6 May - 24 September 2017

Agencia Viajes Paraíso approaches the underlying relationships present in the construction and self-constitution of countries as tourist destinations. Sol Calero makes use of her own take on the aesthetics of domestic Latin American culture and homogenized tropicalism to reclaim it as a source of knowledge and identity rather than a clichéd perception of this aesthetic heritage. For Kunstpalais Erlangen, Sol Calero has created an immersive installation that takes the audience through the different stages and implications of leisure travelling.

Text by Sira Pizà.

This project included video contributions by artists Joiri Minaya, Cristóbal Gracia and Josep Maynou. Work selection curated by Sira Pizà Airas.

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