Se empeñaban en tapar las grietas, pero las paredes seguían sudando (They kept trying to cover the cracks, but the walls kept sweating)

Villa Arson, Nice
14 February - 3 May 2020

Sol Calero’s solo exhibition at Villa Arson in Nice is the result of her four-month residency at the art center and art school compound. The installation pivots around the experience of the architecture it’s in, integrating the contrasting layers of the villa, from the 19th century original mansion to the 1960’s Brutalist style museum, celebrating the important role of the surrounding nature throughout. Her formal vocabulary merges with the palette of the French Riviera in an enveloping itinerary through her paintings. Continuing the exploration which began with her recent series “Pasaje del Olvido”, Calero merges her interpretations of Latin American flora, architecture and iconic patterns, with scenes abstracted from personal memories. The oneiric mix of landscapes and still-life opens up a loosened and more narrative new direction in the artist’s pictorial practice.

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Photos by François Fernandez