La Escuela del Sur

Studio Voltaire, London
9 October - December 6, 2015

Curated by Jessica Vaughan, Programme Manager, Studio Voltaire.

La Escuela del Sur (The School of the South) took its title from uruguayan artist Joaquín Torres García. In 1935 Torres García published La Escuela del Sur, in which he proposed an autonomous art movement in Latin America that would invert the traditional hierarchy of art by placing Latin America before Europe. “I have called this ‘The School of the South’ because in reality, our north is the south. There must not be north for us, except in opposition to our south. Therefore we now turn the map upside down, and then we have a true idea of our position, and not as the rest of the world wishes”. – Joaquín Torres García, The School of the South.

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Photos by Andy Keate