La tienda Maeno

Oku-Noto Triennale, Japan
September 23 - November 12, 2023

"La Tienda Maeno" means "Maeno Boutique" in Spanish and is named after the shop which was on this site for 30 years until it closed in 2020. Here they sold kimonos, yukata, and during the Kiriko festival season, special regional dotera (どてら) costumes. The family-owned shop was also an active place for people to gather and socialize. Locals often brought food to share such as coffee, baked potatoes, udon noodles, tempura and pickles. Sometimes visitors waiting for the bus used the room for rest stops, and sometimes people who were unable to get home were accommodated in the back room.

The total design for La Tienda Maeno blends layers of Calero’s colorful work with references from the local area such as the kimonos, aprons, and banners for festivities, rice bags, tatami mats, and found furniture. The building becomes a living sculpture, covered in murals both inside and out, with each surface and space carefully considered.

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Install photos by Kichiro Okamura